Check Your Hormone Levels with Tests from Pharmacy Rx Solutions

Hormone levelsHormone levels that are out of balance can lead to a host of health issues in both men and women. If you are worried that this may be the root cause of any problems you are already experiencing, or simply want to check your hormone levels to gain peace of mind, Pharmacy Rx Solutions is here to help. Call us to place your order for a hormone test, take the requisition form with you to have your blood drawn, and you’ll have the results available within five to seven days.

Two of our most popular tests to check your hormone levels are our male and female hormone replacement therapy panels. These panels, or groups of tests, feature over 10 sets of tests that when combined, give you an accurate overall depiction of your hormone levels and other key health indicators.

Some of the specific tests included in each panel are:

  • Lipid panel – a group of tests designed to help determine the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel – gives information about the current status of your kidneys, liver, and electrolyte and acid/base balance as well as of your blood sugar and blood proteins
  • Complete blood count (CBC) with differential – used to determine your general health status, as well as screen for certain issues such as anemia
  • Testosterone, free and total – helps determine if there are abnormal testosterone levels in both males and females
  • And more

To learn more about the variety of blood tests we offer at Pharmacy Rx Solutions that can help you learn more about your hormone levels, cholesterol levels, and much more, call us today at 1.866.662.0693 to place your order.

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