A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel from Pharmacy Rx Solutions Can Give You a Great Health Snapshot

Metabolic panelA comprehensive metabolic panel is a grouping of tests that can give you a great picture of your health status in a number of key areas. Pharmacy Rx Solutions offers this test to you affordably, conveniently, and confidentially. Simply call us to order the test, take the requisition form to have your blood drawn, and you’ll have the results within five to seven days. This panel, or group of tests, is designed to provide important information about the current status of your kidneys, liver, and electrolyte and acid/base balance, as well as your blood sugar and blood proteins.

The comprehensive metabolic panel is a grouping of 14 tests that is included in some of our most popular test orders, including:

  • Comprehensive wellness panel
  • Female HRT (hormone replacement therapy) panel
  • Male HRT panel
  • And more

The comprehensive metabolic panel is an effective tool to screen and evaluate organ function and check for such serious issues as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. To take advantage of this helpful test, or to learn more about the variety of other tests we offer, call today at 1.866.662.0693 to place your order.

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