Vitamin B12 Injections from a Licensed U.S. Pharmacy

Vitamin B12 InjectionsBefore you use just any vitamin B12 injections, make sure you’ve gotten them from a reputable source. How can you tell if you’re working with a trustworthy company? Find out if they are a licensed U.S. pharmacy or if they have partnered with one and then ask what their B12 injections contain. But, rather than vet countless companies, you can simply turn to Pharmacy Rx Solutions.

Our sister company, Suncoast Radiopharmacy Services, is a licensed U.S. pharmacy that strictly adheres to all FDA guidelines. Our B12 injections contain our proprietary formula — MIC Plus — that has been specially formulated to help maximize your weight loss potential. MIC Plus contains:

  • B1 to help your body break down carbohydrates more efficiently
  • B2 to aid in metabolizing fat and cholesterol
  • B12 to help produce energy and speed up the metabolism
  • Methionine (the “M” in MIC Plus) to aid the liver in breaking down fat
  • Inositol (the “I” in MIC Plus) that helps the body better break down cholesterol and fat
  • Choline (the “C” in MIC Plus) that helps rid the liver of fat and toxins
  • Vitamin C to fight free radicals
  • L–Carnitine to help the body metabolize fatty acids
  • Lidocaine to help lessen the sting of the injection

We recommend that you take a calcium pyruvate supplement to boost the effects of our MIC Plus injections.

If you’d like more information about our B12 injections, contact Pharmacy Rx Solutions at 1.866.662.0693.