HCG Weight Loss Help from Pharmacy Rx Solutions

HCG weight lossMany people who are overweight try the HCG weight loss plan and find that they are able to lose those extra pounds quickly and gain energy. These changes are attributed to the effects that HCG has on the body. But what is HCG and how can it help you lose weight?

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced during the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone regulates the levels of progesterone in the body by preventing the disintegration of the corpus luteum. HCG levels rise quickly during the first 14 weeks a woman is pregnant, helping to ensure that the growing fetus has the nutrients it requires to grow. If a woman does not ingest enough nutrients while pregnant, HCG facilitates the transfer of excess fat cells from various areas of the body to the fetus.

A study conducted in the 1950s showed that an HCG weight loss plan could work for women who are not pregnant, as well as men. When used in combination with a strict, low-calorie diet and moderate exercise, it is believed that HCG injections can help people avoid the common pitfalls of hunger, fatigue, and lightheadedness that usually affect the success of other low-calorie diets. Sidestepping these pitfalls may allow for easier weight loss.

Pharmacy Rx Solutions is a licensed U.S. pharmacy and is dedicated to helping our customers across the country lose weight with quality HCG supplements. Call us today and find out if you’re a candidate for HCG injection therapy. Once you have filled out the required paperwork, we can determine if an HCG weight loss plan is right for you and what dosage will benefit you the most.

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