HCG & Side Effects: Can You May Avoid Side Effects of Other Low Calorie Diets

HCG Side EffectsAdvocates for the HCG diet believe that the side effects that often arise as a result of other diets – namely lightheadedness, fatigue, hunger, and others – may not be an issue when an individual is following the strict guidelines of the HCG diet. To better understand this concept, it’s helpful to review the basics of what HCG is and how it may help you lose weight.

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, as it’s medically known, is a hormone that occurs naturally during the early stages of pregnancy. One function that HCG is believed to have is the ability to draw nutrients from stores of abnormal fat in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks in the event a mother, and consequently, her unborn child, are malnourished. Dr. Simeons, the man responsible for studying HCG and its side effects on both women and men in the 1950s, took this information and applied it to his patients who were administered HCG injections and were restricted to a low calorie diet daily for a period of time. From this research, Simeons claimed that even though his patients ate very little in terms of calories, the energy drawn from fat stores was enough to help them avoid the side effects listed above.

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