HCG Diet Injections vs. Drops – Exploring the Difference

HCG diet injections vs dropsYou may want to know the difference between HCG diet injections vs. HCG drops, especially if you’re thinking about starting an HCG diet to lose weight. Learning all you can about HCG before you begin a specific regimen is important so you can make informed decisions about your health.

For starters, let’s look at the two different ways HCG can be taken:

  • HCG injections – the most common method of application; specific measurements of HCG hormone are injected in the body daily
  • HCG drops – far less effective application method of HCG hormone; uses small amounts of HCG compound that are placed under the tongue via an eye dropper tube.

One of the most important differences between HCG injections and drops is that drops require more frequent usage because only small amounts of HCG are absorbed under the tongue. As a result, more drops are needed to be effective.

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