The HCG Diet Could Help You Lose Weight Quickly & Comfortably

HCG DietLike many people who try the HCG diet, you might have grown tired of yo-yo dieting and desperately want to reach your goal weight once and for all. And, like many, you may have difficulty sticking to diet programs because they make you feel tired, hungry, and irritable. The HCG diet is different from other weight loss programs in that it causes many dieters to experience few of the side effects that are generally associated with dieting. But how exactly does the diet work? The weight-loss experts are available to answer all of your questions relating to the diet, such as:

  • What is HCG? Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a pregnancy hormone that, among other things, sometimes triggers a woman’s brain to use her body fat to sustain her fetus.
  • How can HCG help me lose weight? Some believe that HCG injections can instruct a man’s or non-pregnant woman’s brain to burn the body’s fat stores to receive the nourishment the individual needs. Many dieters are able to lose between one-half and one pound of fat every day that they follow the HCG diet.
  • What does the diet entail? In addition to administering daily injections of HCG, dieters should limit their caloric intake to around 500 calories per day, drink about a gallon of water each day, and avoid foods that are high in sugars and starches. In addition to helping the body burn fat, HCG injections are also thought to diminish the hunger, irritability, lightheadedness, and fatigue that typically accompany low-calorie diets.

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