Are There Side Effects of the HCG Diet?

Side Effects of HCG DietYou may be wondering whether side effects of the HCG diet could thwart your weight-loss efforts. There’s a possibility that an individual could experience side effects during any change in diet. However, the nature of the HCG diet may be able to help some avoid a few of the most common issues associated with other low-calorie diets.

For example, if you’ve tried other diets, you were likely hungry or felt deprived of food. In turn, this may have lead to a reduction in energy and could have even left you feeling lightheaded. The HCG diet does call for individuals to adhere to a 500-calorie-per-day diet, which could lead to these side effects. However, proponents of following the HCG diet for weight loss believe that daily injections of HCG, a natural hormone, can actually help combat the side effects of hunger, fatigue, and lightheadedness. Avoiding these side effects can help you stick to your diet so you can more effectively shed pounds.

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