The Methylcobalamin Form of B12: An Essential Ingredient in Our Weight Loss Cocktail

Methylcobalamin B12The pharmacists at Pharmacy Rx Solutions use methylcobalamin form of B12 as a base for our unique MIC Plus injectable formula that, when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, could help you lose weight.

The methylcobalamin form of B12 vitamin plays a role in maintaining the health of the central nervous system, as well as aiding in the formation of DNA and red blood cells. Additionally, this form of B12 plays a vital role in the body’s metabolism. The methylcobalamin form of B12 is also the only form that can participate in the metabolism and conversion of homocysteine into methionine. Elevated levels of homocysteine have been linked to early onset of heart and blood vessel disease, while methionine is an amino acid that is essential to liver, kidney, and bladder health, and aids in the metabolic process.

In addition to methylcobalamin B12 and the benefits it provides, our weight loss injections feature a number of other special ingredients that can help the body more effectively burn fat, including:

  • Methionine, inositol, and choline, or "MIC" – amino acids known as lipotropics that help break down fat, prevent the buildup of cholesterol, and remove wastes and toxins from the liver
  • Thiamine – also known as Vitamin B1; helps break down carbohydrates
  • Riboflavin – also known as Vitamin B2; helps metabolize fat, protein, and carbohydrates
  • L-carnitine – helps transport fatty acids into cells for metabolizing
  • Vitamin C – for its antioxidant properties
  • Lidocaine – to reduce the sting caused by the injection

To find out if you’re a candidate for a unique B12 and lipotropic injection weight loss program, contact Pharmacy Rx Solutions at 1.866.662.0693 today. We’re a licensed U.S. pharmacy and we’re proud to provide customers all over the nation with our enhanced methylcobalamin B12 shots to lose weight.