MIC Plus Injection Therapy through Lipo Shots

lipo-shotsAre you looking to start MIC Plus Injection therapy through lipo shots to help increase your energy and help get rid of extra body fat? If so, trust in Pharmacy Rx Solutions. Through our U.S. licensed sister company, Suncoast Radiopharmacy, we are able to sell some of the highest quality products on the market, all which are tested for potency, pyrogens, and sterility, meeting even the strictest FDA standards.

At Pharmacy Rx Solutions, we sell lipo shots as part of our MIC therapy program which can be utilized in conjunction with regular exercise and a reasonable diet as a weight-loss aid. With typical MIC injection therapy, patients benefit from a blend of methionine, which can lower your cholesterol, inositol, which can help maintain healthy nerve synapses, and choline, which can help with memory loss and remove fatty deposits in the liver. These three are amino acids and make up the “MIC” in MIC Plus. However, the special blend used in our MIC Plus injection therapy injections also contain:

  • Lidocaine – helps to reduce the pain of the injection
  • L-Carnitine – transports fatty acids into cells for metabolizing
  • Vitamin C – contains antioxidant properties
  • B12 – can help with DNA replication and formation of blood
  • B2 – helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fat, and protein
  • B1 – aids in breaking down carbohydrates and converting them into energy

We also recommend that when starting MIC Plus injection therapy through lipo shots that you also take calcium pyruvate supplements for increased health benefits. Additionally, our MIC Plus injection therapy kits can be safely combined with our HCG therapy program to help aid in your weight loss goals.

If you would like to learn more about starting MIC Plus Injection therapy through lipo shots, contact Pharmacy Rx Solutions today.