Advantages of an HCG Shot over Other Forms of HCG

HCG ShotAn HCG shot is a carefully measured injection of human chorionic gonadotropin, a naturally occurring pregnancy hormone. HCG is also believed to be an effective weight loss aid and is available in several different forms, including injections, sublingual drops, and sublingual sprays.

Some believe that there are advantages to taking a daily HCG shot over using other forms of HCG. For example, an HCG injection is:

  • A faster, more direct application – An HCG injection is administered directly into the body whereas other applications require the hormone to be absorbed through the mouth.
  • A more concentrated version than sublingual drops – The drops and sprays that other companies offer often have very little HCG, if any at all. Our HCG shot kits feature pure manufactured HCG or compounded HCG.

Our compounded HCG is made right in our own licensed U.S. pharmacy by pharmacists who prepare it in accordance with all FDA guidelines. We even have it third-party tested for potency, sterility, and pyrogens. This means you can be confident in the safety of any of our products when you order from us.

Before you begin an HCG diet, the HCG specialists at Pharmacy Rx Solutions can help you determine whether a 20- or 40-day injection package is right for your weight-loss goals. The HCG diet and weight loss protocol calls for administering an HCG shot daily, adhering to a low-calorie diet, and drinking plenty of water.

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