HCG — What is it & How Can it Help Me Lose Weight?

HCGLike many others who are thinking about following the HCG diet, you probably have a number of questions. Fortunately, the experts at Pharmacy Rx Solutions are available to answer all of your questions about the diet, such as:

  • What is HCG? Human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural pregnancy hormone. When necessary, it instructs a woman’s brain to use her body’s fat stores to nourish her growing fetus. Some believe that injecting the hormone into the bodies of men and non-pregnant women will trigger a similar reaction, allowing dieters to receive the sustenance they need from their existing body fat.
  • What can I eat on the diet? According to the diet’s protocol, you should avoid foods that are sugary and starchy, and should only consume about 500 calories per day. The hormone injections are thought to diminish many of the side effects of low-calorie diets, such as hunger, fatigue, lightheadedness, and irritability. Whereas your other attempts at dieting may have failed because the side effects were too difficult to manage, the HCG diet could help you lose weight more comfortably.
  • What else does the diet entail?In addition to limiting your caloric intake and administering daily HCG injections, you’ll need to drink upwards of one gallon of water daily.

If you follow the HCG diet as directed, you could lose between one-half and one pound of fat every day.

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