The HCG Diet Could Help You Lose Weight Comfortably and Quickly

HCG DietThe HCG diet has helped countless individuals reach their target weights without the hunger, fatigue, and lightheadedness that generally accompany low-calorie diets. But what exactly does the diet require and how does it work? For answers to these and other questions, you can count on the weight-loss experts at Pharmacy Rx Solutions. We’re committed to providing our customers with the education they need to safely and effectively follow the HCG diet.

As our experts will tell you:

  • The HCG diet requires that you consume no more than 500 calories per day, drink upwards of a gallon of water daily, limit your intake of sugary and starchy foods, and administer daily HCG injections.
  • HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural pregnancy hormone that sometimes triggers a pregnant woman’s brain to nourish her growing fetus using her body’s fat stores. It is believed that HCG injections can elicit similar responses in the brains of men and non-pregnant women to help dieters shed excess fat.
  • When followed exactly as directed, the HCG diet could help individuals lose between one-half and one pound of fat every day.

In addition to telling you everything you need to know about the diet, Pharmacy Rx Solutions can be counted on to provide you with safe, pure HCG hormone. Our sister company, Suncoast Radiopharmacy Services, is a licensed U.S. pharmacy that strictly adheres to all FDA guidelines.

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