HCG Diet Plans for Individuals Nationwide

HCG Diet PlansHCG diet plans aren’t just for people you see on T.V. or in magazines. In fact, many individuals have used the HCG diet to reach their weight loss goals. And you can, too, when you turn to the HCG experts at Pharmacy Rx Solutions for high-quality HCG injections and related products.

HCG – also known as human chorionic gonadotropin – is a hormone that develops naturally during pregnancy. Along with its function of maintaining the proper levels of progesterone necessary for a healthy pregnancy, HCG can also trigger a woman’s body to access stores of fat as a nutrient source for a fetus who is malnourished. This feature is what compelled British doctor Albert T.W. Simeons to create the HCG diet in the 1950s. He believed that a daily HCG shot, when used in combination with a strict, low-calorie diet, could be a catalyst to help overweight men and non-pregnant women lose weight.

Individuals who follow HCG diet plans for weight loss are typically required to administer a daily HCG injection, consume only 500 calories a day, avoid foods with starches and sugars, and drink plenty of water. At Pharmacy Rx Solutions, we offer a variety of HCG injection kits and diet plans to help men and women who are suitable candidates for HCG get on the right path to weight loss.

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