Following Your HCG Diet Plan from Pharmacy Rx Solutions

hcg diet planWhen you purchase an HCG diet plan from Pharmacy Rx Solutions, you may be able to jumpstart your journey to weight loss. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a pregnancy hormone that, along with ensuring the proper levels of progesterone during gestation, is believed to facilitate the loss of abnormal fat in areas of men’s and women’s bodies that are notorious for fatty deposits, including the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Generally, following an HCG diet plan means that you must:

  • Take daily injections of HCG
  • Follow a multi-phased, low-calorie diet
  • Drink plenty of water

Plus, when you adhere to an HCG weight loss regimen, you may be able to sidestep the side effects of fatigue, lightheadedness, and hunger that often derail other low-calorie diets.

To find out if you’re a candidate for one of our HCG diet plans, simply call Pharmacy Rx today. Once you’ve filled out the required paperwork, one of our friendly staff members can determine whether an HCG diet is right for you and determine which dosage could help you lose weight. Pharmacy Rx is a licensed U.S. pharmacy that is permitted to sell HCG injection kits in both 20-day and 40-day injection supply packages, so you can be confident that our products are of the highest quality when you order from us.

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