The HCG Diet Could Help You Lose One-Half to One Pound of Fat a Day

HCG Diet
You may have heard of the HCG diet — and might even be thinking about trying it — but do you know exactly what the diet is? Like many other individuals who have turned to Pharmacy Rx Solutions, you might know that countless dieters have lost considerable amounts of weight with HCG, but that’s where your knowledge about the diet ends. Fortunately, the weight-loss experts at Pharmacy Rx Solutions are available to provide all the information you need to safely and effectively follow the HCG diet.

As our experts will tell you, the HCG diet requires that you administer HCG injections daily. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural pregnancy hormone that sometimes instructs a woman’s brain to nourish her growing fetus with her body’s fat stores. Some believe that HCG injections can elicit similar reactions in the bodies of men and non-pregnant women. In addition to helping the body receive sustenance from its fat stores, HCG injections are also thought to diminish the effects of low-calorie diets, including hunger, irritability, and lightheadedness.

In addition to administering daily hormone injections, the HCG diet entails:

  • Drinking about a gallon of water each day
  • Avoiding sugary and starchy foods
  • Limiting yourself to 500 calories per day

If you follow the HCG diet protocol exactly as directed, you could lose between one-half and one pound of fat each day. The success of the diet also relies on the quality of the HCG that inject daily. HCG drops, sprays, and other modalities are shown to produce inferior results than HCG injections, like those from Pharmacy Rx Solutions and our sister company, Suncoast Radiopharmacy Services, a licensed U.S. pharmacy.

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